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IoT is a commonplace term which is changing the fundamentals of how businesses operate from all different sectors. Our RFID cleverthread integration of all things fabric has meant for the first time you can leverage new potentials from any fabric based apparel/product.


Together with bespoke software implementation retailers are using RFID to support their omnichannel initiatives like buy online, pick up in store (BOPUS) and ship-from-store  on an always online platform, further helping reduce operating costs and in some instances, reversing loses a crucial objective many companies are all becoming seemingly aware must be overcome to compete in today's global digital economy.

Our technology can be integrated into a multitude of products, some of which can be used in several block chains enterprises which are looking to revolutionize the way value is distributed, interpreted and received. With the rise of block chain technology has come to issue of how we integrate and how RFID can play a positive role in the way we exchange value. 

Disrupting the traditional business model with Cleverthread™ transforms your supply chain to be more transparent, flexible and agile, enabling better insights and analytics for smarter, more effective decision making. A smarter, more productive supply chain allows you to respond quickly to developing trends in consumer behavior, such as the growth of omnichannel and Industry 4.0


RFID tracking sportswear, monitoring, data analyses, RFID progress

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Bespoke and 'off the shelf' software solutions to choose from.

Our patented technology is redefining how information in all things fabric is stored, received, processed and interpreted  Now companies can leverage new positions by allowing for any textile garment to become truly digital by creating intelligent fabric garments which can interact with other technology on the IoT platform to give new strategic advantages to companies which are adopting new ways to interact with their staff and customers. This new and innovative value proposition is attracting businesses from all corners of every industry.  Short, medium and long range frequency passive RFID inlays can be embedded into your apparel, merchandise or equipment and integrated with off the shelf or bespoke software allowing you to tailor the data to your requirement(s).  

Cleverthread. Intelligent Fabric 

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Integrating RFID Technology into Fabric based products.