Cleverthread Benefits:

Small size


Inexpensive to integrate  (depends on quantity)

Does not add to radio noise

Long usage life (20+ plus years)

Resistance to harsh environment

100% accuracy readings 

Thousands of throughput per second

Different business environments require different RFID frequencies. Each frequency provides you with ability to connect to RFID readers within a short, medium or long range.

Our smart garments work by embedding passive Low to Ultra High Frequency tags into textiles which is woven using our clever thread technology. All RFID ready garments can then pass any transmitter which reads the signal from the transponder within the garment which transmits the information to the user. None of our passive garments require batteries, instead obtains power from radio waves received from the interrogator which gives the technology longevity, and thus we usually find the material garment is likely to perish before the tag!  

We can also provide bespoke software solutions to create a closed loop system meaning no other reader from an external application can read the information which your chips hold giving extra security and validity to our product.

Our Clever technology stretches across lots of industries.
Woven embroiderd Fabric overlay
RFID Chip Inlay
Woven embroiderd Fabric overlay

Our patented cleverthread technology works by embedding the UHF passive RFID chip between layers of extremely thin but robust material which not only gives the RFID inlay protection but allows for flexibility to the finished garment which is integral for any apparel 

This chip is often located behind stitched/embroided logos, labels or tags and therefore is not visible to the eye or to touch. This also allows the chip to be read easily with little or no interference. 


Because garments are sewn into the fabric means soft material garments i.e. polyester jackets etc retain their flexibility. This however does compromise durability, instead our garments have been rigorously machine wash tested, exposed to weather, spills, heat, twisting and general wear and tear, and has so far withstood every test - in fact the material garment has usually perished before the chip itself!