RFID is an enabling technology that can be used to grow an omnichannel and customer-centric environment.

A retailer was looking to adopt a customer-centric environment and wanted to harness the benefits of RFID. With the help of our cleverthread technology we were able support their omnichannel initiatives such as 'buy online,' 'pick up in store' (BOPUS) and 'ship-from-store.' Within the categories of basics and fashion, BOPUS is the highest-rated use case, while within footwear and accessories, ship-from-store was reported as the use case providing the most benefits. Having accurate inventory data helped reduce split shipments, overall shipping costs and labor hours, allowing for more focus on a customer-centric environment. It is estimated that Forty-eight percent of companies expressed increasing ordering options was a top challenge, whilst 28% said it was combating increased out-of-stock levels and another 28% reported a top challenge to be poor inventory visibility. This enabled the business to focus on true customer engagement enhancements which previously were not possible with traditional inventory tracking systems.

A Case Study.

All data about the product such as origin, location, style, collection, etc which links to the code in the RFID label that was set for the brand customer was woven into the garment. A bespoke purposely built app sent the RFID label data to the authentication server. The server verified the authenticity and the credentials of the product, returning a “valid” or “invalid” message to the bespoke app. When an invalid message was sent the app, alerted the inspector and subsequently stored on data on the server platform.

Our highly skilled team can work with you to build a software system that is not only unique but meets all your requirements. As each package will be different to solve the problems within your industry 

All Cleverthread garments are encoded and entrusted with a propriety algorithm that combines TID code, EPC code and client information. 

Smart phone Compatible. 

Block Chain

Web Management dashboard

Multilingual including: English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German and Dutch on in-store terminals

Each RFID label can be stored on the block chain which keeps 

The Internet of Fabric 

Passive Ultra High Frequency tags are stitched into the fabric i.e. bed sheeting, Uniforms, luxury accessories, band labels etc. Our unique weave protects the RFID chip from all the external elements giving it an excellent robustness.

When the garment passes by a reinstalled transponder or scanner this alerts and communicates with the Tag in a closed loop system.

The information read by the transponder is then sent to chosen devices part of the IOT system which the data can then be analysed 

Internet of Things | Internet of Fabric