There's no need to keep a physical device on your person with our Smart System. It can eliminate the need to have loose hanging ID cards which are often a nuisance around peoples neck and can potentially be hazardous, Instead all the technology is woven into the garment ​and together with out bespoke software application each person can simply be given access to areas of buildings, and thus all they have to do is simply approach the door as usual with all the data already inputted into the garment. There's no need to worry about whether you have your fob on your person. ID Cards often getting caught on objects. It also minimises the lose of ID cards which can easily be misplaced or perhaps even easily swapped or counterfeited in the event of foul play. Its all in the fabric.

Case Study: Access Control Units/Cards/Fobs replaced with Cleverthread

In healthcare it will provide you with the means to access information about patients needs, monitor disease control, provide historic data on  

RFID inlays can be integrated into multiple areas i.e. bed lined so you can access information about number of washes, etc


Many areas of the logisitcs chain can our Smartthread technology be implemented. One case is to harness data of your delivery staff by placing a readers within the door frame so you can rest assured as and when your staff our entering and leaving vehicles. 


It can be used as a registry system for busy warehousing complexes which have large teams scaling the building. Here, each uniformed staff is simply wearing their access card within their which enables them access or deny access for certain zones etc. 


Sports clothing is now a tool to help you process and analyse data which can be plotted and charted by having strategically placed chips on clothing and read with transponders to plot and analyse sports data.


We can intergrate RFID into mutltiple areas i.e. bed lined so you can access information about number of washes, etc


Can prevent counterfeiting by having chips with unique identification numbers embedded/women in  thus giving proof of authenticity of your staff and your customers. 

Civil Force

Can prevent counterfiting by having a unique chip embedded in garments  i.e. bed lined so you can access information about number of washes, etc


Health Care 

For the majority of businesses globally they all at some point within their business model rely on the use of some type of fabric, whether that be Work-wear, Upholstery, sportswear or laundry. The use of fabric is thus apparent in every industry which gives cleverthread huge use case potential.

Before you commit to large scale purchases we can first provide free working test samples of your product to demonstrate how the technology will be and integrated and function within your work place. Demo software can also be used to give you an idea of how the data could be read and interpreted. 

Clever Use Cases